Our Approach

Our Approach

Our working approach lives at the intersection of social science and architecture…

At Gehl, we focus on working with our clients to create mutually beneficial relationships between people’s quality of life and their built environment.

Our focus is creating
cities for people.

People are the starting point in our work.
Their scale, senses, movements, interests, behavior, and
engagement in their surroundings.

Observation & analysis help
us understand public life

Throughout our projects, we spend time counting, measuring, and analyzing the spaces that we are working to improve.
Thereby recording the ‘life’ that occurs in our study areas, as well as the qualities of the surrounding ‘space’.

Our work is beneficial for all.

We take our clients through a process and work closely with them to build a team of collaborators, grow partnership and trust, change perspectives, invite for broader, long-term thinking, test ideas via pilots, all while engaging the users of the city.

Because we take the time to understand people’s use of public space, we can make more qualified decisions about how to make cities for people, with our clients. Thereby creating outcomes which are beneficial for everyone, from car drivers to pedestrians, so that our cities and quality of life get increasingly better over time.