Our focus is to create cities for people.

Our urban design services span across all scales, from strategic visions to design and implementation.

Our clients range from mayors, city administrators, NGO’s, developers, private and public organizations.


Public Space Public Life Strategies (PSPL)

We work with our clients to develop strategic recommendations for their cities, which are informed by our analysis of the existing public life, and the quality of the public space infrastructure in their cities.

Sample projects

Gehl has applied this methodology to help major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Chongqing, Moscow, New York, Seattle, London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Muscat, Amman and Cape Town on their ‘City Centre Strategies’. We have also worked with and applied the PSPL Strategies to a number of medium sized cities and towns around Scandinavia, UK and Europe, such as Apeldoorn, Brighton, Hammer, Horsens and Helsingborg.


Public Space and Street Design

We collaborate with our clients to design public spaces and larger public space networks, which are informed by existing usage patterns and the proposed programming of future activities in those spaces.

Sample projects

Gehl has co-developed a number of Public Space and Street Design projects, including Brighton New Road in the UK, Ashrafieh Square in Amman, Al Mawalih Souk of Life in Muscat, Vale do Anhangabaú in Sao Paulo, George Street in Sydney, Public Space Plan in Horsens, Harborfront Public Space Plan and Public Space Steering documents in Oslo.


Masterplanning Frameworks

We work with our clients to develop a vision, set of guiding principles, and a network of public spaces, which promote ‘life’ in existing and new developments.

In contrast to a traditional masterplan, which relies mostly on building architecture, the Gehl Masterplanning Framework offers flexibility, iteration and adaption through careful programming and a process which allows ‘life’ to unfold as a first phase. Masterplanning Frameworks offer a process of collaboration between stakeholders, as well as a value-based approach to the development of neighborhoods and districts, such as mixed use developments, social housing areas, campuses, harborfronts and other brown-field sites.

Sample projects

Gehl has created Life Space Building Frameworks for Lille, Bjørvika in Oslo, An Camus more, Kävlinge, Køge Sygehus, Bispebjerg Sygehus, Aarhus harbor, Pittsburg Cultural Precinct and Carlsberg Brewery sites in Copenhagen.


Process Facilitation

We work closely with our clients, as a trusted change partner, in all planning and development stages, to ensure that they plan their cities with people in mind.

The Gehl methodology of first life, then space and finally buildings offers clients a new framework with which to design and manage the process of change in cities.

Sample projects

Gehl has helped the cities of Christchurch, Gothenburg, Lille, Kävlinge, Breivoll, Oslo, Apeldoorn, New Yorkand Sao Paulo to facilitate people centered planning and development.


Pilot Projects

We work with our clients to test concepts and ideas in public spaces. Our 1:1 pilots follow the test-measure-refine approach and are a way to engage users, make ideas visible, spark conversations, test and adjust strategic initiatives and ensure effective investment prior to the implementation of the final design. Pilot projects can act as an early activation strategy.

Sample projects

Gehl has worked on 1:1 pilot projects with the cities of New York, San Francisco, Mar del Plata, Christchurch and Sao Paulo.


Integrated Mobility Strategies

We work with our clients to develop integrated mobility strategies and plans for pedestrians and cyclists in cities. We develop guidelines, tool- boxes and other guides, based on both local conditions and international best practice.

Sample projects

Gehl has co-developed active mobility plans with Mexico City, New York City, Mar del Plata, Melbourne, Red Deer and London.

Gehl is a thought engine for developing and amassing knowledge on the relationship between life
and urban form.


Framework for Learning

We empower our clients to become thought-leaders in the field of urban design by providing them with the tools to lead urban change processes, the ‘how-to’ on people centered planning, and best practice, on-site case studies.

Sample projects

Gehl offers a yearly, Copenhagen-based ‘Tools for Change’ Masterclass, as well as city-specific Masterclasses, themed workshops and seminars.


New Knowledge Creation

We work with our clients to define, discuss, research, and showcase relevant knowledge via customized communication frameworks, which engage people in conversation, learning, exchanging and new knowledge discoveries.

Sample projects

Gehl engages in the production of books, booklets, articles, short-films, exhibitions and talks.